Australian singer-songwriter Jemima struggles to stay in one place.  At 19-years-old, she gave away all her things, bought a van, filled it with instruments, and hit the road, blasting Emmylou Harris and Taylor Swift on the radio. Her dog came too, naturally.


A year later she packed up her life once again and moved to London. She spent two years there, performing her folk-pop at bars in Soho and Camden and studying a Bachelor of Songwriting at BIMM London.


Now back in Australia (at least, for the time being), she has just released her first single He’ll Never Be You. With raw emotion and attention to detail, Jemima’s music tells stories that feel like your own.


The rest of 2019 will see Jemima release more music in the lead up to her first EP.

Photographer: Caitlin Schokker